Why Winter Is the Perfect Time for Exterior House Painting

Exterior Painting in Winters

Planning to paint your house but unsure when the perfect time is to do it? As homeowners, timing is often overlooked but important when planning to do major house improvements. Exterior house painting is one of them.

So when do you think is the best time to repaint your house and what factors are to be considered?

This post will demonstrate why winter may be the most suitable season to paint your exteriors, which may come off as a little unexpected to you.

Why Paint Your Exteriors in Winter: Top Reasons

Here are some reasons why we think winter is the best time to paint alongside the benefits of exterior painting during this season.

Lower humidity levels for better paint adhesion

There is lower temperature during the winter season, therefore, the humidity levels are also low.

When there is extreme humidity, paint has the tendency to peel or bubble. This affects paint adhesion. However, during winter time, the air is drier and paint can adhere better to surfaces resulting in a smoother and more durable finish.

Faster paint drying times in cold, dry air

Contrary to what most people believe, cold air can accelerate the paint-drying process. Although it can be challenging to dry paint in extreme cold, most winter days offer optimal conditions for drying.

Due to the absence of moisture in the air, winter allows for the paint to dry faster. It also reduces the risk of uneven coats. An efficient painting process means you will complete your project in a shorter time and you can enjoy your home earlier than expected.

Contractors’ availability during the offseason

Winter is off-season for painters which means that you can easily hire painters. This is an advantage for homeowners as there is flexibility with the contractors availability.

It also means that contractors can be more focused on their projects because there is no pressure on their schedules.

Tips for Exterior House Painting During Winter

Tips for Exterior House Painting During Winters

There are some considerations to take note of when painting the home exterior to ensure that you achieve the best results.

Here are some tips to keep in mind:

Use cold-weather paint formulas

There are paints that are formulated for low temperatures. They are the best to use during winter because they were formulated to cure in this weather. When deciding to do a painting project in winter, check that the paint you are about to purchase is suitable for the winter season.

Start early to take advantage of warmer temperatures

Winter days are shorter, that’s why it is best to start your painting project at the earlier part of the day to take advantage of the warmer temperatures.

The temperatures peak during midday and can help to dry the paint properly. Try your best to finish by mid-afternoon so that there is enough time to dry the area before the temperature drops again.

Monitor weather forecasts for optimal painting conditions

Check the weather forecasts before starting your house painting project. There are days with dry and mild conditions that are perfect timings to paint. Avoid days with high winds, snow, or rain as they can affect paint adhesion and delay the completion of your project, overall.

Provide adequate surface preparation for paint adhesion

Regardless of the season, proper surface preparation is vital to good-quality painting. It is important to ensure that surfaces are clean, dry and free of any debris or mildew during winter and scrape off any old, peeling paint. Remove uneven areas using sandpaper and thoroughly clean the exterior so the paint will adhere and last longer.

Consider using heaters or insulated enclosures

If you’re facing particularly cold temperatures, using heaters or insulated enclosures can help maintain an optimal temperature for painting.

Portable heaters can keep the air warm enough to prevent the paint from freezing and ensure proper drying. Alternatively, creating insulated enclosures around the area you’re painting can help trap heat and protect the paint from adverse environmental elements.

Hire Professional Exterior Painters in Sydney

While painting the exterior of your house in the winter can be a do-it-yourself project, working with Sydney’s top exterior painters can give you peace of mind and guarantee a perfect finish. Experts can handle the particular difficulties of winter painting because they have the training, resources, and expertise.

They can also offer insightful guidance on the best paints and painting methods for your particular project. You can save time, steer clear of potential problems, and take pleasure in a beautifully painted home that withstands the weather by hiring professionals.


While winter may not seem like the best season or temperature to paint the outside of a house, there are a few benefits that make it a viable option. Winter might be a great time to update the exterior of your house because of the lower humidity, quicker drying times, and more contractor availability.

You can obtain a high-quality paint job that protects your home from bad climate conditions and improves its curb appeal by following a few easy recommendations and hiring professional painters in Sydney.

If you highly consider the latter, A One Korean Painting offers professional painting services in whatever season you may need them. Give your house a fresh new look even during winter with our expert exterior painters!

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