Can Hiring A Cheap House Painter Be an Expensive Mistake?

Unfortunately, most of us find the answer to this question a bit too late.

This mistake frequently happens because as a homeowner or a small entrepreneur we always want to stick to our budget and look for the best deal as much as possible. It is not bad to put the cost as a priority but there are decisions that can be costly in the end instead of saving a few bucks. Choosing a house painter can be one of this.

You are ready to transform your home or business with a fresh coat of paint. You have reviewed the swatches and decided on the color palette that you want. As a homeowner, who is working on a budget, your first instinct is to hire an amateur house painter in order to save money.

In this scenario, you are torn between hiring your neighbor’s son and contacting your local painting company. Before you make that call, here are the reasons why you should consider hiring a professional over an amateur house painter can actually save you money in the end. Moreover, DIY painting is also not an option.

Painting Is an Expertise

If you think that painting is merely grabbing a gallon of paint and a paintbrush, then you are dead wrong. Painting is a skill and it requires an expertise. It requires more than just a brush and paint but preparation of the area to be painted, the right type of paint and the right tools. An amateur did not know this. In addition, if you rely on them, you will be left with frustration on the finished work. If it is your whole house we are talking about, a sloppy paint job can lower its value.

If you go for a professional painting company, they have the expertise and the knowledge in painting any surfaces. You can rely on them to give you the right preparation and paint for your house. In addition, they have the right tools and equipment to do the job.

Painting Takes Time

When you look at a professional paint job, you will marvel at the amount of time and patience that the painter has dedicated to the job. You cannot get this from an amateur house painter. They will not have the same level of commitment that a painting company does. Moreover, an amateur painter may leave the painting half-finished because they need to attend to their other jobs. However, a professional painter will never leave until the job is done.

Painting Can Be Risky

Painting can be a hazardous job especially to those inexperienced painters. Many accidents happen when the house painter is in a ladder trying to reach the ceiling or the exterior walls. If you go for an amateur and without the proper equipment, these accidents are bound to happen which would mean a lot of hassle and expense. Unlike hiring a professional company, they have the proper equipment and training to do the job in the safest way possible.

It Does Not Come With A Guarantee

Let’s put it this way, if you hire an amateur house painter and the job is not right, you cannot ask him for a warranty to fix the problem. Instead, you will be responsible on the expense of hiring another painter to fix it. A professional house painter will have a guarantee for their work.

The Dangers of Inexpensive House Painter

A quality and professional-looking paint job does not come cheap. If you try to cut corners, it will compromise the quality and will have impact to your home’s value.

If you receive a rock-bottom estimate, this means that if the cost is minimal, you are bound to sacrifice some in order to lower the cost. Looking Looking into it, here are the things that you will most likely find out.

Surface Preparation

Proper preparation requires time and expertise, which costs money. If you skip or minimize this early stage of painting, it will negatively affect the quality of the finished job and it longevity. In short, your finished product will not look good nor it will last long. Instead of saving money, you have to schedule repainting anytime soon.

It is better to invest in a painting company that does not cut corners and spend time on repairing, cleaning, protecting the surfaces, patching and sanding and all the works necessary than to be left dissatisfied with the painting works.

Low Quality Paint

Since you cut down on the costs, expect a cheap paint for your painting job. A cheap paint is always of low quality. It has poor color retention, its lifespan is shorter and you require more paint to cover an area. It will not have the finished you are looking for.

A cheap paint does not give you value for your money except you save on a few bucks that will not be enough for your next repainting job.

No Insurance

If the company cuts down on the cost of the painting project, look at the breakdown of this cost and you will notice that there is no coverage for insurance. Yes, it drives the paint cost down but when accidents happen, you will liable for them. An expense that might be more than you bargained for.

What You Need Is A Real Company to Save on Painting Costs

Small and cheaper painting companies tend to rely on subcontractors or temporary employees with high turnover. If you employ them, you will have mediocre painters that will give you low quality work. This alone will cost you.

Investing in a painting company will give you warranties and guarantees too and you can call on them if you find something wrong. You cannot get this from unreliable painters that disappear after the job is done.

Don’t fall into a victim. Your hard-earned money should be spent in a right painting company. If you are in Sydney, there is A One Korean Painting that provides a complete painting services at the right cost and of high quality. They offer the most professional and cost effective painting and decorating services across Sydney.

Contact us now for free consultation. Your home deserves a good painting job.

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