Professional Painting Services

Are you feeling that your home needs a fresh look?  You realise it’s a far cry from how it looked when you moved into the brand new house. If you want it looking new again, what can be simpler than bringing back some life to the colours? Getting a fresh coat of paint can be the solution you are looking for.

But does the thought of doing it yourself give you sleepless nights? Or the pain of finding the right people to help you do that? This is where a quick, competent and affordable partner can step in and help you get the colours and life back to your home.  We At A One Korean Painting can be that trustworthy partner you require for all your painting needs.  We have been providing professional painting services for the last fifteen years. We are happy to have spread the happiness to a large number of families all over Sydney.

Our team is always on stand-by to take up your requirement. No work is too small or too big for us. The moment we get a shout, we are there to size up the job. Right from the broad outlines down to the minor details, we are as obsessed about getting the preparation right as we are about the end result. All the nitty gritties of the process – minding the gaps, patching, sanding and maintaining a high quality work on the molding and covering – are taken care off with the care and diligence that only an established company like A One Korean Painting can.

Are you already excited at the thought of your home getting a new coat and a newer look? Close your eyes and imagine what colours and shades your walls are going to take next. Is it a muted hue that you are looking for or something a little more daring? And maybe you have some ideas about the texture and the finish too! Are you up to some style experiments or maybe content with the subtle touches that look just as stunning. Whatever your preference, we are up for a discussion. Our expert designers can guide you on what suits your home and your style best. Being a family owned company, we understand best what a family would want. Of course, when it comes to work, at A One Korean Painting, we are a team of thorough professionals and experts who are methodical and work with only quality products. We ensure your furniture and floors are not disturbed and also clean up any dust, mould and cobwebs prior to the work.

So, ready to indulge your home with some serious pampering in the form of those new coats? Try us once and you will know that professional painting services can be both high quality and affordable. We understand how much you value your home and how keen you are to ensure it gets an excellent and lasting treatment. And with all the customisation you want, at the shortest time possible. We value promises and are serious about our regulatory commitments. Besides being fully insured, we do have both public liability and workers compensation policies.

If you want to know more about our professional painting services go ahead and give us a call at 0450 661 598. You can also reach us via the form on our website. We would love to drop in and help your house get the make-over it deserves.

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